• Streich Brothers is one of the largest industrial maintenance facilities in the Pacific Northwest.Since 1957, Streich Bros., Inc. has been the fabrication and welding experts in the Pacific Northwest. We have fifty employees dedicated to helping our customers.
  • As machining experts we have fast turnaround times. Machining is available for different sized gears.Let Streich Bros., Inc. handle your machining needs. Our machining processes include turning, drilling and milling. With machining we can put in new pins for backhoes that are bent. Machining will fix your sprockets and pulleys.
  • Contact Streich Bros., Inc. today.Streich Bros., Inc. is here to complete your large or small fabrication and welding projects. We offer high quality service at reasonable rates. Our experienced staff is here to help you with your next project.
  • Our expert welders will weld stainless steel or aluminum projects in the field.As a valued customer we offer field work. Field work allows us to provide our services on-site. Call and let us know what you need. We’ll arrive and complete your projects. Field work includes installing new machinery.
  • Streich Bros., Inc. has your rolling needs covered.We complete rolling for steel structures used in building projects. Rolling is done according to your specifications. Rolling can be done to form metal for parts with longer lengths. We do rolling needed for large orders.

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Field Work * Mobile Field Work * Field Work and Welding Services



As a valued customer we offer field work.  Field work allows us to provide our services on-site.  Call and let us know what you need.  We’ll arrive and complete your projects.  Field work includes installing new machinery.  We can also repair, remove and service your industrial equipment.  Our expert welders will weld stainless steel or aluminum projects in the field.  We have two boom trucks to support our on-site service.  This allows us to service you faster.  Contact us for field work today.  We can do cell tower modifications, machinery repair, welding repair and other services.

  • On-site servicing for various projects
  • New machinery installation
  • Industrial equipment repair and removal
  • Industrial equipment servicing
  • Cell tower modification
  • Seismic upgrades


Mobile Field Work


Mobile-Field-Work--Tacoma-WaStreich Bros., Inc. believes in being prepared.  We do mobile field work with our service equipment and boom trucks. Our field work experts work safely and carefully.  Each boom truck is equipped to handle your project.  We can repair, replace and make parts on-site. Our field rigs are equiped for each specific field job. This keeps our employees on site and not running back to the shop for additional tools and equipment. 

Contact us for our mobile field work today.

  • Service trucks with welders and air compressors
  • Boom trucks
  • Welding supplies
  • Hand tools
  • Fast and safe service


Field Work and Welding Services


Field-Work-and-Welding-Services-Tacoma-WAWhen our WABO certified welders show up you’re in good hands.  They’ll provide welding services on the spot to solve your welding problems. On structural steel our welders will do welding for any size project.  Service trucks are equipped with mobile welding equipment, an air compressor and hand tools.  They can weld stainless steel and aluminum at your location.  Field work and welding services are available on-call.  We look forward to solving your welding problems.

  • WABO certified welders
  • AWS D1.1
  • Service welding trucks
  • Fully equipped with mobile welding equipment
  • On-site welding for any project
  • Stainless steel welding
  • Aluminum welding
  • WABO certified welders


Contact Streich Bros., Inc. for your fabrication and welding needs.