• Streich Brothers is one of the largest industrial maintenance facilities in the Pacific Northwest.Since 1957, Streich Bros., Inc. has been the fabrication and welding experts in the Pacific Northwest. We have fifty employees dedicated to helping our customers.
  • As machining experts we have fast turnaround times. Machining is available for different sized gears.Let Streich Bros., Inc. handle your machining needs. Our machining processes include turning, drilling and milling. With machining we can put in new pins for backhoes that are bent. Machining will fix your sprockets and pulleys.
  • Contact Streich Bros., Inc. today.Streich Bros., Inc. is here to complete your large or small fabrication and welding projects. We offer high quality service at reasonable rates. Our experienced staff is here to help you with your next project.
  • Our expert welders will weld stainless steel or aluminum projects in the field.As a valued customer we offer field work. Field work allows us to provide our services on-site. Call and let us know what you need. We’ll arrive and complete your projects. Field work includes installing new machinery.
  • Streich Bros., Inc. has your rolling needs covered.We complete rolling for steel structures used in building projects. Rolling is done according to your specifications. Rolling can be done to form metal for parts with longer lengths. We do rolling needed for large orders.

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Steel Structures * Seismic Upgrades * Field Support



When fabricating steel structures you need them strong and stabilized.   We can make, repair and fabricate steel structures.  Steel structures include beams, columns, and brackets for wood columns.   At Streich Bros., Inc. we make steel structures that last.  Your steel structures will be strong, reliable and safe.   


  • Steel beams, columns
  • Formed angle clips
  • Brackets for wood columns
  • Seismic and structural upgrades
  • Steel reinforcement
  • Base Plates
  • Stair pans
  • Industrial handrail
  • Field Support


Seismic Upgrades for Steel Structures


Seismic-Upgrades-for-Steel-Structures-Tacoma-WAThe Pacific Northwest is overdue for a major earthquake.  No one can guarantee all steel structures will remain standing.  Give yourself a fighting chance with seismic upgrades for your steel structures.  Streich Bros., Inc. specializes in seismic upgrades for steel structures.    They’ll reinforce your steel structures.  We’ll make sure your steel structures get the required seismic upgrades you need.  No one knows when an earthquake will hit.  Keep your structures safe and up to code.


  • Structural upgrades
  • Keeps your steel structures up to code
  • Protects people and inventory
  • Provides peace of mind for occupants
  • Helps your building last longer


Field Support for Steel Structures


Field-Support-for-Steel-Structures-Tacoma-WAYou can turn to Streich Bros., Inc. for field support on your steel structures.  We’ll deliver parts and put them together for you.   With our field support service you’ll always have help when you need it.  Streich Bros., Inc. is here to troubleshoot, repair and fabricate steel under your direction or per your engineered drawings.  Ask about field support service today.

  • Troubleshooting issues to save time and money
  • Delivery of parts for your steel structures
  • Repair, building and erection of steel fabrication



Contact Streich Bros., Inc. for your fabrication and welding needs.