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Kent Fabrication


Holding years of experience, Striech Bros., Inc. is offering elite of engineering solutions to Kent residents in the shortest time possible. Our fabrication specialists in the Kent area are well trained to produce top-notch products time and again. Quality traits of our fabrication specialists in the Kent area include:

  • Our fabrication specialists are steadfast
  • Our fabrication specialists complete every task on time
  • Our fabrication specialists provide custom fabrication
  • Our fabrication specialists are known for professionalism
  • Our fabrication specialists deliver products with total customer satisfaction

Searching for metal fabrication services in the Kent area, you can contact us. We have well equipped fabrication shops and fabrication tools for metal fabrication and can undertake a number of projects at a single time in the Kent area. In addition, we offer steel fabrication to develop premium products that offer value to your money.

Kent Metal Fabrication


By choosing our metal fabrication services in the Kent area, you can find the efficient fabrication of products in accordance to your needs. Our fabrication services in the Kent area are formulated to deliver accurate and reliable products in Kent. Moreover, our service of steel fabrication has the lowest impact on the working environment. Benefits of using our metal fabrication services in the Kent area are:

  • Metal fabrication provides design assistance
  • Metal fabrication offers value-added products
  • Metal fabrication reduces tooling costs
  • Metal fabrication offers assembly services
  • Metal fabrication offers custom fabricated components

No matter the type of fabrication you need, we offering 24*7 metal fabrication services in the Kent area so as to make our customers happy and satisfied. Besides, we can be relied upon for steel fabrication.

Kent Steel Fabrication


Our steel fabrication eliminates shipping of partially finished components, thereby reducing add-on customer transport costs. Moreover, our steel fabrication also saves time in dealing with different vendors as we provide a complete range of metal fabrication services. Steel fabrication incorporates diverse processes, including:

  • Steel fabrication includes electroplating
  • Steel fabrication includes polishing
  • Steel fabrication includes coloring
  • Steel fabrication includes anodizing
  • Steel fabrication includes different coating operations

Being a Kent area resident, you need to worry about these services as we provide competent solutions for your problems in the shortest time interval.

To get preeminent services for metal fabrication in the Kent area or steel fabrication, you can call Striech Bros., Inc. at (253) 777-1956.