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Bremerton Heavy Equipment Repair

Regular repairs and maintenance of heavy equipment and machinery ensure they remain in good working condition at all times. But even with proper maintenance heavy equipment will break and need immediate repair.

But you want only the best to provide your heavy equipment repair work.

Call Streich Bros., Inc. for any heavy equipment repair you need in the Bremerton, WA area. We provide quality mobile, on-site repairs that will have your heavy equipment repaired and working again quickly.

We are known and appreciated as the heavy equipment repair company to call because we:

  • Use the best materials
  • Arrive onsite quickly
  • Have two boom trucks available
  • Assure minimum downtime

You can’t afford to waste time and money waiting around for broken components to be repaired. We know our customers work hard every day to get the job done. Our customers expect no less from us.

Bremerton Equipment Repair


Assembly line production relies on equipment that functions correctly and quickly. If a piece of equipment breaks the entire production line stops, resulting in lost revenue.

Your farming equipment breaks right in the middle of harvest. You need equipment repair quickly so the crop is still at its best. Who do you call?

You call us! We are the Bremerton area’s professional equipment repair company that has the experience, knowledge, and tools to have you back in production quickly.

Improper or incomplete repairs are not acceptable. You can trust us to:

  • Handle the repairs professionally
  • Custom build parts if necessary
  • Offer quality work at affordable prices

Give us a call and learn more about our services. We are here to keep you up and running smoothly and efficiently. When your equipment fails, we’re the equipment repair company to call to be up and running fast!

Bremerton Construction Equipment Repair


Choosing the best construction equipment repair company in Bremerton can be a challenging task as there are several companies offering the services.

Choose us for construction equipment repair services in the Bremerton area. We offer construction equipment repair on a variety of equipment including:

  • Dump truck liners
  • Backhoe buckets
  • Tractor blades
  • Booms

When you are looking for the best construction equipment repair around trust us. Our success in part because of our unwavering loyalty and commitment to our customers.

Call Streich Bros., Inc. at (253) 777-1956 for any heavy equipment, construction equipment or mobile equipment repair services you may need in the Bremerton area.