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When you need forming done right, contact Streich Bros., Inc. today.  We have the forming equipment to shape your metal into the shapes you need.  Our forming experts do forming with pipe rolls, plate rolls, angle rolls, and flat bar rolls.  Shaped metal saves welding cost and usually makes a stronger part.

Forming-for-Steel-Structures-WAWe have press brakes up to 20’ lg. x 750 tons.  Our press brakes and straightening press are just some of the forming tools we use.  Contact us with your project today.

  • Tubing rolls
  • Pipe rolls up to 6"
  • Plate rolls 
  • Angle and flat bar rolls
  • Press brakes
  • Straighteing press
  • Forming-for-Steel-Structures-Tacoma-WABucket liners
  • Frame liners
  • Engine hoods
  • Stair pans
  • Cast concrete forms
  • Structure shapes
  • Wheel press


Forming Steel


Forming-for-Steel-Structures-Tacoma-WAWe do metal forming at our Tacoma facility. Forming steel allows you to complete fabricaion projects accurately.  We can form metal into the shapes you need. We do forming on all sizes of steel, aluminum and stainless.  

  • Metal forming and shaping
  • Hot bending
  • Pipe bending
  • Beam saddles
  • Pipe saddles


Forming for Bucket



Bucket and Blade Liners

Steel in heavy equipment such as tractors and dump trucks can wear down.  Rocks and other debris break down the metal over time.  We do forming for bucket and blade liners and dump truck liners.  Forming for bucket liners is available for your heavy equipment. This includes bulldozers, backhoes, tractors and dump trucks.  When your frame fails we’ll form the metal necessary to make a new one or repair the old one.  We can form in mild steel, a572 and alloy 400 as well as other metals. 

  • Bulldozers
  • Tractors
  • Dump trucks
  • Bucket liners
  • Frame liners
  • Scraper liners
  • Replacement and repair


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