Fabrication * Structural Steel & Equipment Parts


Do you need steel fabrication for your next building project?  Contact the fabrication specialists at Streich Bros., Inc.  We make structural steel packages for building projects.  It doesn’t matter if your building is small or large.  Streich Bros., Inc. has the fabrication tools, expertise and technology to build it for you.  Our fabrication and forming department bends your metal into the shapes you need.

Our fabrication specialists will cut, bend and fabricate your structural steel.  Contact Streich Bros., Inc. for the fabrication services you need.


  • Structural steel packages
  • All types of building projects
  • On-site steel structure erection
  • Reliable support for building projects
  • Cutting, bending and assembly
  • Stainless steel and aluminum structures


Fabrication for Equipment

Fabrication-for-Equipment-Tacoma-WAWe do fabrication for different types of equipment and structures.  Streich Bros., Inc. will do fabrication for cell phone towers and other specialized equipment. Have a damaged steel bucket on your backhoe or tractor?  We’ll make new liners for blades or buckets for backhoes and excavation equipment.  For reliable fabrication for equipment contact Streich Bros., Inc. for your fabrication needs.

  • Steel parts for cell phone towers
  • Stairs, ladders, handrails, guards
  • New steel buckets for backhoes & loaders
  • Safe and reliable fabrication
  • Dump truck liners in aluminum or steel
  • Construction equipment repair

Fabrication for Steel Structures

Fabrication-for-Steel-Structures-Tacoma-WASteel fabrication gives us more versatility to shape metal the way you need it.  If your fabrication for steel structures is damaged or not up to code we can help.  We’ll arrive on-site and repair it for you.  Or bring it back to our fabrication shop for repair.

  • Steel structure fabrication
  • Mezzanines
  • Metal forming
  • Fabrication repair

Contact Streich Bros., Inc. for your fabrication and welding needs.