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Looking for accurate welding for your metal parts?  Streich Bros., Inc. offers excellent welding services.  We do welding for structural steel, dock, brackets, hand rails and machine parts.  Our welding specialists can weld aluminum and stainless steel.  We use WABO certified welders to complete welding projects.  You’ll get industrial quality manufacturing for your welds.  We also do welding for dump truck repairs and heavy equipment repair.  Don’t attempt to do welding projects without skilled welding professionals.  Contact Streich Bros., Inc. for excellent welding services.

  • WABO certified welders
  • Accurate welding for better fitting
  • Handrails
  • Heavy equipment repair
  • Brackets
  • Crack repair
  • Structural steel welding


Benefits of Welding


Benefits-of-Welding-Tacoma-WAThe benefits of welding help your equipment to stay productive.  Welding restores old machines and parts to better working order.  Benefits of welding include longer lasting parts for longer productivity.  Welding repair makes steel parts safer to work with.  Streich Bros., Inc. will help you realize the benefits of welding.  It’s cheaper to weld broken parts than completely replace them.  Once broken parts are welded its safer for the public, vendors and employees to use.  Start realizing the benefits of welding with Streich Bros., Inc.

  • Provides a safer working environment
  • Replaces old and damaged metal parts
  • Gives parts longer lasting productivity
  • Saves money on complete replacements
  • Precise cutting for building purposes
  • Skilled and safe welding specialists

WABO Certified Welders


WABO-Certified-Welders-Tacoma-WAYour welding projects are completed by our WABO (AWS D1.1) certified welders.  The Washington Association of Building Officials certifies only highly skilled welders.  Our WABO certified welders know how to accurately complete your welding projects.  WABO certified welders are well trained in welding safety procedures, techniques and welding tools.  All of our WABO certified welders have completed a welding certification program.    Your welding projects are done with skill and confidence.


  • Experienced in all types of welding projects
  • Trained in welding safety procedures
  • Trained in the latest welding techniques
  • Skilled in accurate welding cuts
  • Completed state welding certification courses


Contact Streich Bros., Inc. for your fabrication and welding needs and for additional welding certification requirements.