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Burien Fabrication


Searching for the right metal fabrication services for your building projects in Burien, WA? Streich Bros., Inc. is here to help. Our metal fabrication specialists have been working on all types of building projects since 1957 and their top-notch services have helped us become one of the most capable and dependable metal fabrication and steel fabrication facilities to serve Burien.

Whether a project is big or small, our metal and steel fabrication services can be utilized at any stage to bring it to fruition. Our goal as a metal fabrication specialist is to come up with quality products and services that are perfect for our Burien clients’ purposes.

We can be counted on for fine metal fabrication services to produce custom structures and parts that are:

  • Intricately machined
  • Functional
  • Reliable and durable

Burien Metal Fabrication


We love putting our metal fabrication skills and experience into use to help develop projects for our Burien clients. The expertise of our metal fabrication specialists and the tools technologies at our 40,000 sq ft metal fabrication facility enable us to assist in almost any metal fabrication process for structures and equipment.

Our comprehensive metal fabrication services can be used to fabricate Burien structures from start to finish, make any particular components for structures or specialized equipment, and even repair damaged structures/equipment.

We have a very capable team of metal fabrication engineers, technicians and welders that thrives on challenges. Our experts take pride in completing even the impossible looking metal fabrication tasks to perfection, meeting:

  • The Burien client’s specifications
  • Our own high standards
  • The project’s time and budget constraints

Burien Steel Fabrication


We cherish our impeccable reputation in the Burien steel fabrication industry, and value the love and trust of our steel fabrication clients. Our steel fabrication business is committed to upholding and enhancing this good name by surpassing the customer’s expectations in every steel fabrication job we handle.

To do this, we focus on continuous improvement in our:

  • Steel fabrication processes
  • Steel fabrication results
  • Quality management practices
  • Customer service

Delivering superior quality has always been a constant in all our steel fabrication services. Whether our steel fabrication experts work with structural steel to shape it as per the customer’s requirements or repair structures that are damaged or not ‘up to code’, our top-grade materials and attention to detail ensure exquisite craftsmanship that delights the Burien client.

Burien residents can call (253) 777-1956 to hire the metal and steel fabrication services of Streich Bros., Inc.