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DuPont Machine Shop


Have you been looking for a machine shop in DuPont, WA? Streich Bros., Inc. are the expert owners of machine shop in DuPont. You cannot let business suffer because of some haywire machines. Bring them to our machine shop in DuPont and let us help you find a solution. We make new parts of machine to replace the ones that have worn out.

Since 1957, we have been providing new machine parts from our machine shop in DuPont. Our machine shop includes clients from steel plants, chemical industries and various other companies. Our machine shop is fully-equipped and provides:

  • Customized service of machines according to the needs of the client
  • One stop shop for different fabrication needs
  • Metal changing service provided 24/7

DuPont Machining


If what you require are professional services in DuPont to make specific parts of a machine or need heavy equipment repair, head over to our shop. We have state-of-the-art technology and tools to meet the ever evolving needs of our clients in DuPont.

The services in DuPont which we provide include:

  • Lathe turning
  • Repair and weld up
  • Backhoe pins
  • Drilling, milling, turning and key seating
  • Boring of holes

We are very proud of our high precision and incomparable services. We can be trusted to provide a job well done, no matter what metal machining project our DuPont customers bring to us.

DuPont Metal Machining


We are second to no one when you talk about metal machining in DuPont area. We have experts working for us who can provide metal machining services in DuPont to a large number of industries. We also have a lot of experience in handling numerous small and large scale metal machining projects in DuPont.

Our metal machining experts satisfy our customers 100%. We eagerly wait for new customers to come to our shop to fulfill their metal machining needs. The reasons why you should choose our shop for your metal machining requirements are:

  • Highly advanced equipment's
  • Skilled experts providing high quality services
  • Huge shop of 40,000 sq ft
  • Capable of dealing with rush projects
  • Ethical machining services

Call (253) 777-1956 to get in touch with our machine shop, Streich Bros., Inc. We provide reliable quality of machine parts in DuPont.