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Parkland Machine Shop


Are you looking for a local machine shop near Parkland, WA? We recommend you give us a call at Streich Bros., Inc. Whatever type of metal part or structure you might require; you can get in touch with us for machining the same.

Our Parkland machine shop is one of the most recognized ones in the entire area because we provide precise results to our customers.

The quality of material used by our Parkland machine shop is excellent. Therefore, the structures you receive are highly durable. Once we are done fabricating your structures or parts, they will last you for a long time. You can approach our Parkland machine shop when you have similar requirements, such as:

  • Frame machine
  • Sheet metal brake
  • Sheet metal bender
  • Metal cutting machine

Call Streich Bros., Inc. for a Parkland machine shop!

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Parkland Machining


While providing service for Parkland machining parts or structures for you, the equipment we use is cutting edge. Therefore, there is never any problem or disappointment faced by our customers when they give us a call for metal machining.

The time it takes for us to complete your Parkland machining requirement is significantly low.

Overall, if you have an urgent project that requires parts and you would like our Parkland machining team to work quickly, you can give us a call. If you wish to learn about the advantages of considering our professionals, we suggest you call our contact number listed below.

We offer a range of Parkland machining services, which also include jobs done by the following:

  • Aluminum cutting machine
  • Steel bending machine
  • Steel cutting machine
  • CNC metal cutting

Call Streich Bros., Inc. for Parkland machining services!

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Parkland Metal Machining


If you have doubts about how our Parkland metal machining services work, you can talk to our contractors anytime. We will be happy to answer all your questions and even suggest the most appropriate services our machine shop can offer for your project.

We are also a good choice for your Parkland metal machining job because of our affordable service rates.

To hire us today for Parkland metal machining, all you need to do is call us. We will start working on your requirements immediately. Our machining services are available for even large structures used for metal assembly. Our Parkland metal machining options can also be a great choice when you have projects related to the given:

  • Stamping machining
  • Metal milling machine
  • Metal press machine
  • Sheet metal punch

Call Streich Bros., Inc. for Parkland metal machining services!

(253) 777-1956