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Lakewood Fabrication


Streich Bros., Inc. is a leading fabrication service provider in the Lakewood, WA area, offering manufacturing services and solutions to meet the requirements of our valued clients. Our highly skilled fabrication specialists in the Lakewood area diligently complete every task by maintaining the highest quality. Traits of our fabrication specialists in the Lakewood area include:

  • Our fabrication specialists are experienced
  • Our fabrication specialists are trained and qualified
  • Our fabrication specialists have extensive knowledge
  • Our fabrication specialists offer a wide range of repair services
  • Our fabrication specialists provide fast response

Whether you are seeking metal fabrication in steel fabrication the Lakewood area, you can contact us. Our Lakewood area fabrication experts render proficient metal fabrication service to build the right and affordable metal products for you.

Lakewood Metal Fabrication


Metal fabrication involves the construction of machines and structures from various raw materials. Fabrication services offered by us in the Lakewood area not only include building metal shapes, but also perform finishing jobs. Our metal fabrication services in the Lakewood area provide:

  • Metal fabrication services provide consistency
  • Metal fabrication services adhere to client specifications
  • Metal fabrication services provide quality driven products
  • Metal fabrication services provide designated engineering solutions
  • Metal fabrication services provide ferrous and non-ferrous metal-products

With our fabrication services in the Lakewood area, you need not worry about the quality of components. We produce premium parts while serving metal fabrication along with steel fabrication in the Lakewood area.

Lakewood Steel Fabrication


Steel fabrication involves the development of modern steel. Various types of raw materials are used by metal fabricators during the process, including plate metal, sectional metals and welding wires. We offer highly skilled engineers to efficiently perform steel fabrication. Offering a wide range of steel fabrication:

  • We provide high-quality welds through steel fabrication
  • We offer same day delivery through steel fabrication
  • We provide efficient production through steel fabrication
  • We deliver a variety of steel products through steel fabrication
  • We ensure safe handling of components while performing steel fabrication

Being a resident of Lakewood, you can receive our fabrication services as per your convenience. We offer both metal fabrication services and steel fabrication in the Lakewood area at reasonable prices.

To receive quality, cost-efficient and reliable services for metal fabrication or steel fabrication in the Lakewood area, you can call the experts at Streich Bros., Inc. at (253) 777-1956.