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Fife Machine Shop


When you need a machined part, you want to go to a machine shop that gives you not only what you want, but also exactly when you want it. If you are in the Fife, WA area, you can rely on Streich Bros., Inc. to deliver accurate and reliable machining solutions in a timely and professional manner.

The metal machining experts at our machine shop are devoted to helping all our Fife customers maintain smoothly operating equipment that optimizes their manufacturing processes and maximizes their ROI. Our clients will find our machine shop to be:

  • Huge: 40,000 sq ft facility
  • Ultra-modern: equipped with advanced metal machining technologies
  • Safe and well-maintained: full attention to safety and health of machining technicians

Our machine shop has been serving Fife with high quality metal machining since 1957 and looks forward to continuing with the good work for many more years to come.

Fife Machining


At our machine shop, we have invested in machining equipment as well as people to maintain the capabilities to meet diverse metal machining needs in Fife. The state-of-the-art CNC, lathes, boring mills, and other machining tools at our machine shop allow us to conduct streamlined metal machining processes with higher productivity and reduced costs. We employ knowledgeable machining veterans to ensure flawless services.

The multitude of machining processes conducted by our machine shop for machinery and equipment in Fife include:

  • Turning, milling, drilling, and key seating
  • Shafts and bushings
  • Boring
  • Pin repair and replacement

Fife Metal Machining


We pride ourselves as a machine shop offering quality machining services at reasonable rates. The vast client base that our machine shop has amassed over the decades reaffirms our standing as a great option for meeting the metal machining requirements in the Fife area. Need machined parts in a rush? Our machine shop is capable of handling urgent metal machining orders from our Fife customers.

The key strengths that help us score over the competitors include:

  • Exceptional craftsmanship exhibited in every metal machining project
  • On-time completion of metal machining jobs
  • Excellent working conditions ensuring high quality services by machining technicians
  • Custom metal machining services to make unique and complex parts
  • Strive for 100% satisfaction of Fife clients

Streich Bros., Inc. is a trusted machine shop for fulfilling all types of machining needs in Fife. Call us at (253) 777-1956 today!