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Puyallup Machine Shop


Are you looking for a machine shop that can get your stalled machine up and running as soon as possible? Streich Bros., Inc. offers the fast, accurate, and reliable metal machining services you need.

We are a custom machine shop that has been providing expert machining and metal machining services to make precision machined parts for its clients from diverse industries in Puyallup, WA since 1957.

At our 40,000 sq ft machine shop that is equipped with the most modern machining tools and houses an extensive inventory, we can handle metal machining projects of all sizes. The Puyallup customers that our machine shop serves include:

  • Steel plants
  • Chemical companies
  • Construction companies
  • Industrial facilities

Puyallup Machining


Our machine shop employs several engine lathes, boring mills, CNC press brakes, and other equipment to handle all the metal machining needs that our Puyallup customers expect us to fulfill. We also have the resources to carry out the required machining processes on-site.

The metal machining services offered by our machine shop for its Puyallup clients include:

  • Milling, key seating, and drilling
  • Lathe turning
  • Pin repair and replacement
  • Sprockets and pulleys machining
  • Line boring
  • Pipe rolling and bending

Considering the exceptional level of quality control observed at our machine shop, our metal machining customers in Puyallup can expect us to deliver finishes of the finest quality.

Puyallup Metal Machining


The philosophy around which our machine shop has built its unmatched standing in the metal machining industry of the Puyallup area is to satisfy all clients completely. We offer impeccable machining work, fast turnaround times, and competitive pricing. Is it any wonder that our machine shop is one of the most preferred sources for the metal machining requirements of Puyallup?

The features that are unique to our machining services include:

  • Hi-tech machine shop reputed across Puyallup for producing quality parts
  • Focused on doing reliable machining that helps build lasting customer relationships
  • Hire seasoned machining experts who work with keen attention to detail
  • Great customer service to provide every metal machining client a hassle-free experience
  • Assurance of completing every metal machining job within scheduled time and budget

Streich Bros., Inc. is the only name Puyallup residents need to know when they are searching for a machine shop offering machining services according to their exact specifications. Call (253) 777-1956.