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Bellevue Welding


Since 1957, Streich Bros., Inc. has been a trusted one-stop shop for meeting welding needs in the Bellevue, WA area. We offer expert welding services for fixing almost anything made in aluminum or stainless steel.

From bulldozed blades, truck bed rails, engine mounts, backhoe buckets, to hand rails, we perform skillful welding on all of these and more.

Every welder we employ is a highly trained professional with vast experience in handling large or small, intricate or simple weld jobs. Whether you need welding services in the Bellevue area to complete a metal fabrication or modification project, or for repair work, we are the welder to call.

Our technicians are adept at all types of welding techniques. Whatever projects they handle, they make sure that the welds:

  • Look neat and well-done
  • Are completed in quick time
  • Last for many years to come

Bellevue Welder


The services of our welder are available to Bellevue residents for both on-site and in-shop work. Our strongest focus is on ensuring that every customer has a satisfying, hassle-free experience when working with our welder.

That is why we see to it that our welding services are delivered by the best-in-trade technicians.

Each welder employed by us is a WABO certified professional. After hiring our services, you can relax and breathe easy, knowing that the welder working on your project is:

  • Adept at the latest welding methods
  • An expert in making accurate and strong welds
  • Trained in welding safety procedures

With our welder, quality workmanship on your welding project and its timely, incident-free completion are a given. After it's all done, you will agree that you could not have hired a more capable welder!

Bellevue Welding Services


The skill with which welding is done makes a major impact on your project. Whether you hire a welder to complete a metal structure or repair a machine part, you definitely want welding services that meet the:

  • Highest specifications
  • Most stringent quality standards
  • Utmost levels of precision

This is exactly what you get when you come to us for welder services. Our facility is reputed for delivering top-notch brazing services. We have established ourselves as the welder of choice for people who want seamless welding services in the Bellevue area.

Those who need a welder in Bellevue should stop by Streich Bros., Inc. or call 253-777-1956 to discuss the welding services they need.