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South Hill Welding


Since 1957 Streich Bros., Inc. has been providing welding service for the South Hill, WA area. We are the go to welding specialists that companies count on to keep their machinery up and running, getting the job done.

Homeowners also count on us to repair or create parts for their homes. Being an established and experienced welding company, we offer our welding services for the following:

  • Brackets
  • Heavy equipment repair
  • Handrails
  • Crack repair and structural welding

You can trust our skilled, certified, and trained welders for several types of welding. Whether it is welding aluminum parts or steel legs or any other metal part, they are adept at handling them all.

Equipped with the latest equipment and knowledge of advanced welding techniques, they can provide the right services within your timeframe and budget.

South Hill Welder


Broken or crack machinery parts must be repaired by expert welders. Expert welders are WABO certified. All our welders are WABO certified, giving you the confidence the repairs you receive have been done correctly.

Whatever the project any home or business owner needs, the welding done by our welders will create welds that are durable. Our welders are:

  • Well trained
  • Experienced
  • Certified
  • Knowledgeable

We also believe that quality work needs quality equipment. That is why we have invested in cutting-edge welding equipment. By using the right welding equipment and techniques, our welders ensure sturdy, long lasting welds.

South Hill Welding Services


There are several welders offering welding services in South Hill. However, to ensure that you are receiving the best welding services at the most competitive pricing, you should compare the companies.

You need a company you can count on, one that has certified welders and has the reputation for excellent work and customer service. You can come to us for all types of welding services in South Hill as we:

  • Offer on-site welding services
  • Are professional
  • Provide 24/7 emergency welder services

We have an extensive list of satisfied customers that will vouch for our superior services and affordable pricing. When you are looking for reliable welding services in South Hill, think of us.

Feel free to call Streich Bros., Inc. at (253) 777-1956 for any welding you need to be done in South Hill. We look forward to helping you!