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Elk Plain Fabrication


Metal fabrication is a job that is best left to professionals. At Streich Bros., Inc., we offer aluminum and steel fabrication services in the Elk Plain, WA area. You can also make use of our fabrication facility for projects in other localities of the region.

Whether you have a building project that requires metal fabrication or are looking to fix damaged equipment, we are here to help. Our aluminum and steel fabrication facility is available for small and large projects. Why should you count on us for your fabrication job in Elk Plain? We:

  • Offer a complete range of services
  • Provide on-site structure erection
  • Can make structural steel packages

If you have questions regarding our fabrication service and how it can be helpful for your building project, then reach out to us.

Elk Plain Metal Fabrication


There are many examples for which our metal fabrication service can be utilized. Whether it is creating parts for your equipment or for structural elements like a handrail, you can use our aluminum and steel fabrication facility for all of these. You can even get in touch with our team near you for fixing damaged objects.

The highlight of our fabrication service is that we can bend and shape the metal in any form that you may desire. In addition, our aluminum and steel fabrication facility also offers on-site assembly. Our metal fabrication service near Elk Plain can be used for:

  • Creating dump truck liners
  • Construction equipment repair
  • Making handrails and guards

If you want a personalized service estimate for your metal fabrication job, then share your requirements with our team today.

Elk Plain Steel Fabrication


Our company has been offering a metal fabrication facility to clients in the region for decades. One thing that sets us apart from others is the team of contractors we have in place to provide aluminum and steel fabrication work. Our team has the most experienced technicians in the entire area.

Our team uses the latest technology possible to work on metal fabrication jobs, which makes the task easy and seamless. We can also help you deal with all of your construction equipment repair issues efficiently. Our aluminum and steel fabrication team around Elk Plain is:

  • Certified
  • Professional
  • Expert

Call for an estimate.

You can call Streich Bros, Inc. at (253) 777-1956 today, to schedule your metal fabrication job in Elk Plain.