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Lakewood Machine Shop


Streich Bros., Inc. was founded in 1957 and has since been a reliable source for high precision machined parts and other metal machining services for the residents of Lakewood, WA. With a 40,000 sq ft facility and a number of CNC, milling, turning, and other machines, our machine shop is capable of handling almost any machining or metal machining needs for Lakewood.

Our machine shop is committed to providing the best possible machining and metal machining services to help its clients in Lakewood reach their productivity and business goals. You can count on us for machining work that is

  • Done within defined specifications
  • Delivered before deadlines
  • Available at competitive prices

No matter how small or big your machining project is, our machine shop would love to get a chance to serve you with our exquisite metal machining skills.

Lakewood Machining


Our machine shop caters to the machining and metal machining needs of a number of companies in Lakewood, ranging from steel plants to chemical industries. We specialize in a variety of machining processes to meet the unique metal machining needs of our Lakewood clients.

The multitude of machining services delivered by our machine shop in the Lakewood region includes:

  • Drilling, milling, and turning
  • New bushings and machine shafts
  • Backhoe pins>
  • Boring of holes

Lakewood Metal Machining


It is our strong belief that the incredible success and growth of our machine shop has come from our relentless focus on providing our metal machining experts a clean and safe environment to work in. The assurance of good health and complete safety of the machining workers helps them work at their best. Thus, maintaining a great workplace turns out to be a win-win situation for all – our employees, our machine shop, and our Lakewood customers.

Some of the other features that distinguish our machine shop from our competitors in the Lakewood area are:

  • Fast turnarounds to minimize down time for our Lakewood clients
  • Machine shop staffed with highly qualified metal machining experts
  • > Work with attention to detail to ensure seamless machining work>
  • Extensive experience; successfully handled countless projects in our machine shop
  • Huge in-house inventory to ensure uninterrupted and timely metal machining services

Call Streich Bros., Inc. at (253) 777-1956. Our machining experts are available to answer the questions of Lakewood residents about our machine shop or the metal machining services we deliver.