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Sumner Machine Shop


Streich Bros., Inc. has been servicing Sumner, WA with superior metal machining services since 1957, operating from a 40,000 sq ft machine shop fitted with highly advanced machining tools and technologies. We also provide field services and have the required equipment to complete on-site machining services to our Sumner customers’ full satisfaction.

Our clients’ profitability is a key concern at out machine shop. Our machining techniques strive at constant product innovation and cost-cutting. It is our aim to supply our metal machining customers in Sumner with the critical new/replacement parts they need at a speed, quality, and cost unmatched by any other machine shop in the region.

When you bring your metal machining needs to our machine shop, rest assured of receiving machined parts that are:

  • Crafted out of top grade materials
  • Custom-made to match exact specifications
  • Finely finished

Sumner Machining


We recognize the fact that earning and upholding a good reputation is not easy. Therefore, we have persistently endeavored to maintain uncompromising high standards of service as our machine shop performed a multitude of metal machining processes for Sumner.

The machining processes that are conducted at our machine shop include:

  • Machining of sprockets and pulleys
  • Lathe turning
  • Drilling, milling, and key seating
  • Line boring
  • Machine shafts

Even as the industry requirements evolved over the years, our commitment to quality metal machining never changed.

Sumner Metal Machining


Our machine shop has extensive knowledge, skills, and experience in different facets of the Sumner machining industry and is committed to completing all metal machining jobs efficiently. Every technician working at our machine shop is trained not only to deliver the metal machining services our Sumner customers ask for, but to make sure that they are done in the most timely, economical, and reliable manner. This sincere and professional approach is a major reason behind our success.

The other factors that have helped our machine shop survive and thrive in the competitive metal machining industry of Sumner include:

  • Easy to reach, extremely responsive machine shop
  • One-stop machine shop for all metal machining needs in Sumner
  • Capabilities to take up any large or small metal machining job
  • Huge in-house inventory to ensure fast delivery of machining services
  • Machinists adept at modern machining processes, ensuring seamless job execution

Streich Bros., Inc. is the expert Sumner has always trusted for high precision metal machining. Call at (253) 777-1956.