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Sumner Heavy Equipment Repair


Heavy equipment tends to get damaged over time. While some get cracks, there are others that get bent after extensive usage. Streich Bros, Inc. specializes in heavy equipment repair in the Sumners, WA area.

Our heavy equipment repair technicians repair a variety of equipment, including booms, backhoes and bulldozers. Heavy equipment repair involves modifying, rebuilding and repairing heavy equipment.

We have an extensive in-house inventory of steel products. Also, our heavy equipment repair team is well-versed in safety and health protocols and procedures. Some of our services include:

  • Steel fabrication
  • Metal forming
  • Welding field service
  • Industrial maintenance

Our trained heavy equipment repair specialists disassemble and reassemble heavy equipment, order new parts and conduct inspections on heavy machinery to ensure proper functioning and compliance with manufacturer standards.

Sumner Equipment Repair


We can send our technician to your site to troubleshoot and complete leak investigations, as well as make outer vessel and other small repairs at your location. Our trained and experienced engineers can assist you with any modification or equipment repair in Sumner and the nearby areas.

For critical repairs, we use our experience and knowledge to estimate what parts will need replacing to ensure that your equipment works properly and efficiently.

Our site services engineers have the following qualifications:

  • Certified Welders AWS D1.1
  • MSHA OSHA/WISHA Training Certified
  • Laser Aligning Qualified

We have an in-house fabrication facility and well-developed relations with local suppliers, which allows us to complete even the most challenging and extensive equipment repair and modification jobs.

Sumner Construction Equipment Repair


In and around Sumner, heavy equipment operators depend on us to provide the highest level of construction equipment repair service in the least amount of equipment downtime. Whether you have booms, backhoes or bulldozers (or all 3), you can call us for your construction equipment repair work.

From handling tune-ups to inspections, our construction equipment repair team also carries out maintenance activities to ensure longevity and increased production time of your equipment. We also provide:

  • Dump truck box repairs
  • Repair on most metal parts
  • Roll cage repair

For us, customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance. While performing construction equipment repair, we ensure that all the safety and health measures are followed. Our construction repair specialists follow and practice the latest welding techniques, skills and safety procedures.

If you are looking for heavy equipment repair in the Sumner area with construction equipment repair for buckets, blades or cracks, call Streich Bros, Inc. at 253-777-1956.